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High performance image search engine for businesses.

Visual Image Search
Duplicate Detection
Color Search
Multi Modal Search
Advanced Text Search Capabilities
Max Images 5,000 Unlimited
Max Collections 1 Unlimited
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Frequently Asked Questions

pixolution Flow is our AI powered visual search engine for managing and searching your visual data. Under the hood it extends Apache Solr, the open source enterprise search platform. With pixolution Flow you can index and search your text and image files seamlessly.

Pricing depends on the size of your business, the expected value, and how (or if) you want to integrate pixolution's technology into different platforms. Please contact us to get a price indication.

Yes. Pixolution Flow is licensed on-premise and runs in your own infrastructure. No data is send to us. You gain full control over your search system: Choose your own hardware for optimal performance, comply with data privacy requirements and backup policies and meet internal security requirements.

You use Pixolution Flow via its HTTP API. Depending on your use case you usually need to

  1. integrate a data workflow to analyze and index existing and incoming data,
  2. extend your user interface to allow users to perform searches.