Duplicate detection

Keep your media database clean and reliable

Duplicate image files reduce the usefulness of a media database as a reliable source of information and centralized view of all in-house image files. Current approaches (such as using checksums) fail even if image files are only slightly changed.

pixolution flow’s duplicate detection does not rely on metadata. Instead, the pixel data is analyzed to detect image duplicates with different sizes, file names, file formats, encoding quality or visual modifications. Use pixolution flow to deduplicate your media database. Continuously check new files and warn users when duplicates are added.

Duplicate detection ensures information is not scattered across several files and ensures your media database remains a reliable single source of truth.

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Image sizes

Detect duplicates independent of their size (from thumbnails to high-res images).

Different file types

Detect duplicate images with different file types and encoding quality.

Image modifications

Detect near-duplicate images with a slightly changed appearance (brightness, contrast or saturation).

Detection sensitivity

Configure the detection sensitivity to find exact duplicates only or near-duplicates as well.

Metadata independent

Software or social networks sometimes automatically change or remove image metadata. pixolution flow does not rely on metadata and is able to detect duplicates based purely on pixel analysis.

Multi-color search

Search images by multiple colors suitable for the particular style of a website, a moodboard or a flyer.

Similarity search

Use example images from the web or your local hard drive to find similar images in your media database.

Text space filter

Find images with blank regions suitable for adding logos or text.

Combine text and visual search

Easily combine visual search with other search criteria such as category filters or user-specific keywords: "Find all images added in the last 12 months and which are similar to this image I found on the web."

Image tagging

Use your existing image files to automatically tag new images

The amount of time it takes to tag images in order to make them findable is a massive drawback for users.

Unlike other image tagging systems, pixolution flow uses your previously tagged files to suggest tags for new images.

Using your own tags enables pixolution flow to use a controlled vocabulary. Tagging is language-independent right out of the box. Tagging quality will improve as the knowledge base grows.

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Language independent

Any language is supported out of the box.

Controlled vocabulary

A consistent wording style and a domain-specific language is guaranteed.

Refinement process

User keywords can be used to optimize tag suggestions.


Tagging quality will improve as your media database grows.


pixolution flow integrates smoothly into your existing search app


pixolution flow provides an HTTP REST-like API, making it interoperable and easy to integrate into your search app. Several input and output formats are supported such as XML, JSON, CSV or binary. Many client API implementations are available for different programming languages including Java, PHP, Python, .NET and C#.

Built to scale

pixolution flow is lightning fast thanks to small image descriptors, smart filtering and distributed search capabilities. Searching through millions of files takes less than a second.

Solr plugin or Docker image

Integrate pixolution flow as plugin into your Solr search engine or deploy pixolution flow as standalone Docker image.

On-premise deployment

pixolution flow is licensed on-premise. It runs on your own server network behind your firewall. You gain full control over your search system: Choose your own hardware for optimal performance, comply with data privacy requirements and backup policies and meet internal security requirements.

"pixolution flow just seamlessly integrated into NetX and it's widely enhancing our workflow capabilities with regard to visual assets. pixolution flow is the right choice for us to satisfy our clients needs."

Jason Wehling, President

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