Find Images without Keywords

Every agency knows the problem: image tags are incomplete, incorrect and are not present in all languages. Since our AI-powered image analysis extracts the content of the image directly from the pixels, no metadata is needed for an effective image search.

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Transform Web Inspiration to Purchases

Sometimes the user has already found a suitable image on the Internet. With the upload function, your users can instantly find and license the most similar image in your database.

Search Huge Image Archives

No matter how large your image database is, pixolution is built to handle millions of images and can distribute the search load across multiple servers.

Recommend Image Alternatives

Automatically recommend similar images in the detail view to provide alternatives to buyers and increase the likelihood of purchases.

Need Custom AI Solution?

You have the data, we have the know-how. No matter what crazy idea you would like to bring to life, our AI experts love tackling new challenges.

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Customer Story


Improving Image Discovery with Visual Search

F1online aggregates millions of images from various sources. The challenge is that the images are keyworded without a consistent vocabulary and searches often find only a small portion of the relevant and existing images. By integrating our visual image search, all relevant images can be found in the archive. Independent of language and metadata.