Search for similar items

With one click on a button you can find all similar items in your collection.

Suggest Variants & Alternatives

Automatically suggest similar variants or alternatives to a selected image.

Multi-modal Search

Combine visual search with other search criteria such as geo-location, date ranges, prices, users, categories or full-text search to narrow down your search.

Try pixolution Flow

Use our visual search to quickly find similar images in this demo collection of 500 images.

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Search Optimizations

Tune your visual search to fit your use case.

Smart Filter

Speed up visual searches in huge image collections using fast prefiltering.

Relevance Weighting

Control the influence of textual and visual relevance in the resulting score to focus on textual or visual aspects.

Minimum Relevance

Configure what is relevant to you: limit results to a minimum ranking score.

Ready to use AI model

Our general purpose model works with any image collection out of the box thanks to the understanding of thousands of concepts.

However, if you have a specialized image collection and want to detect subtle differences or need to differentiate between special details, we can train and integrate custom AI solutions for you.