Disover & Link duplicates

Automatically link duplicates found with each other.

Prevent duplicate uploads

Prevent users of uploading duplicate images and automatically reject them.

Robust Detection

Much better than simple approaches like file hashes.

Image Sizes

Detect duplicates independent of their size (from thumbnails to high-res images).

Different File Types

Detect duplicate images with different file types or encoding quality.

Image Modifications

Detect near-duplicate images with a slightly changed appearance (brightness, contrast or saturation).

Metadata Independent

Removed or changed EXIF or IPTC metadata does not affect duplicate detection.

Operating Modes

Periodically scan your complete image collection in the background. Or just trigger a scan before indexing new content.

Periodic full scans
One shot scan

Configure & Control

Several options exist to tune and control a scan.

Detection Sensitivity

Configure the detection sensitivity to find exact duplicates only or near-duplicates as well.

Likelihood of Matches

A score is calculated for every match indicating the likelihood it actually is a duplicate.

Partial Scanning

Add filter criteria to only scan parts of your collection. For instance, only scan images uploaded after a specific date or in a specific category.

Action Policies

Implement different actions to manage duplicates depending on your use case.


Prevent users uploading duplicate images by rejecting the upload before indexing.


Associate existing duplicates to each other by automatically linking to the other version.


Merge two duplicate documents into one to have all information stored in one place.


Delete detected duplicates that are already part of your collection to clean your database.