Search for similar items

With one click on a button you can find all similar items in your collection.

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Search by Color Palette

Use the automatically extracted color palette of a sample image to search for images with a similar palette and color layout.

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Detect & prevent duplicate content

Prevent users of uploading duplicate content or automatically link duplicate images to signal their relationship.

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Customer Story

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Boosting the Creative Workflow

Pixelboxx uses pixolution Flow as an integral part of its internal search engine and exposes the search via API. Using the Adobe Creative Plugin, designers can find image inspiration from the connected pixelboxx DAM directly from Photoshop and InDesign. This speeds up the creative workflow by avoiding context switches. The deep integration of image search into the pixelboxx DAM brings the search to where the user works.

Advanced search capabilities


Search results are ranked by their relevance. Based on the query parameters each document is scored representing the confidence and relevance.


Apply search filter to restrict searches to a specific sub-set of your collection. Multiple search criteria can be combined via logical operators (AND, OR, NOT).


Geo-spatial searches are supported to search within certain regions, locations or ranges. Results that are further away will be ranked lower.

Ranges, dates and facets

Filter by ranges and dates. Search results can be faceted to group results in multitude of ways.

Multi-modal search input

Combine different data types in one search query. Search for image and text at the same time.


Blazing fast

Visual searches are lightning fast due to compressed image descriptors, smart filtering, and distributed search capabilities. Searching through millions of files takes milliseconds.


Replicate your collection across server nodes. Add and remove compute capacity as needed.

Automatic Load Balancing and fail over

Requests will be automatically balanced. If a node is down, replicas take over until the node recovers.

Distributed search & analysis

Split your collection across different nodes. Requests are distributed across the nodes and processed in parallel.

We Make Your Data Searchable

pixolution Flow comes with pre-built, pre-trained modules.