Ensure Asset Consistency

The basis for all DAM processes is that each asset exists only once. Detect if images are present in the DAM system during upload and take appropriate action. Detect duplicates independent of their size, file type, modifications or metadata.

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Re-Associate Local Files to Their Origin

Even with the best processes, users will download assets and lose links to the origin. Help your users locate the source asset and find the attached data such as usage rights.

Search from Where the User Works

Integrate visual search into your DAM API and bring visual similarity search to where the user works. Many modern DAMs offer an API and plugins for third-party tools. Boost the creative workflow of designers and marketeers to discover similar images in the DAM directly from Indesign or Photoshop.

Data Security

pixolution is deployed on-premise and runs in your infrastructure.

Security obligations to your customers remain unaffected and you retain full control: Choose your own hardware for optimal performance, comply with data privacy requirements, backup policies and meet internal security requirements.
  • Data Privacy Requirements
  • Backup Policies
  • Internal Security Requirements

Need Custom AI Solution?

Different DAM customers have different needs when it comes to automation of their processes. Specialized image collections require specialized AI models to extract the information the customer need. No matter what crazy idea your customer would like to bring to life, our AI experts love tackling new challenges.

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Customer Story

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Boosting the Creative Workflow

Pixelboxx uses pixolution as an integral part of its internal search engine and exposes the search via API. Using the Adobe Creative Plugin, designers can find image inspiration from the connected pixelboxx DAM directly from Photoshop and InDesign. This speeds up the creative workflow by avoiding context switches. The deep integration of image search into the pixelboxx DAM brings the search to where the user works.