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Let AI do repetitive or overly complex tasks.

Case Studies

Companies we've helped to successfully automate entire processes or individual tasks.


Automatic Detection of Dangerous Situations at Ski Lifts

Consulting Video Analysis Pipeline & Tooling

When passengers are riding the ski lift or are trying to get on or off the lift, dangerous situations can occur. In these cases, the ski lift has to stop in time to avoid serious accidents.

An AI-powered monitoring system detects potentially dangerous situations from a live video feed in realtime. The ski lift is then automatically slowed down or stopped. The system helps prevent harm to passengers and increases the safety of the ski lift.


Font Type Recognition for Creatives

Classification ML Training

Creatives like graphic designers and marketers are constantly inspired by new fonts. The problem for them is to identify the exact name of a great font in an image so they can use it themselves. We trained a classifier with 23 million generated sample images.

The model learned to recognize the unique characteristics of a font regardless of the words, language, color, size or background used. Creatives just mark one or two words in an image and our model instantly identifies the font.


Automatic Identification and Assignment of Prints to the Shipping Address

Object Detection Image Matching Pipeline & Tooling

A printing company prints hundreds of products such as posters every day. There are trolleys with 30-50 motifs printed on one paper roll at the same time. These motifs have to be assigned to the respective customers and their shipping address.

Automatic image matching significantly speeds up the packaging of print products so that they can be shipped more quickly.

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