What's possible?

Image recognition is part of a bigger idea or workflow

Classification & Detection Model

We can train a model to identify and extract specific information from images like document types, logos, objects, products or anomalies.

Ranking Model

If your images cover a specific subject only, we can train a visual search model, optimized for your particular image domain.

Case Studies

Some of our projects we have done

The Process

You have the requirements, we have the tools.

Problem Definition

Together with you, we clearly understand and describe the problem to be solved.

Data Analysis & Preparation

We analyze your available data and discover and prepare the structure needed for training.

Baseline Training

We train a first model to retrieve a baseline accuracy from which to improve, if necessary.

Maximize Performance

We take measure to improve the results to fit your goal. This includes data cleansing, data curation, model configuration and hyper parameter tuning.

Packaging & Integration

We package and deliver your production ready AI model as API module which can be easily integrated in your existing systems and workflows.

Deployment Options

Your AI models run in your infrastructure

Stand-Alone Docker

Your custom AI model is wrapped with an API and packaged as Docker image.

Pixolution Module

We provide your custom AI model as module for our Apache Solr plug-in.