Fresh online demo

We've launched our newest demo interface to provide an intuitive access to the image search features of our product pixolution flow. It is written from scratch to provide you the fastest search experience without page reloads.

Intuitive user interface

Additionally, we focused on integrating our innovative search features into existing search interfaces users are familiar with. The searchbar contains unobtrusive camera and color wheel buttons which provide access to the powerful visual search features of pixolution flow.

Our new user interface is designed to extend traditional keyword search with visual search techniques seamlessly. Searching by colors or images feels as natural as entering keywords. Our goal was to maximize user adoption by providing a clean and easy to understand user interface. Each search criteria is displayed in the searchbar and can be removed individually.

Search by colors

Choose one or more colors to search with. Combine your color criteria with keywords to narrow the search.

In order to minimize click paths, we choosed color presets. However, you can enter any Hex codes (#RRGGBB) in the searchbar. They will be interpreted as colors. For instance the value #FF0000 will be parsed as color information and not treated as text.

Text to color

Another cool feature is our color name parsing. Enter one of 140 predefined color names as text and they will be converted into a color code. When you enter black, the keyword will be automatically transformed into the color code #000. Instead of relying on the existence of the keyword black, you will directly search for black images based on their pixel data.

Search by image

You can upload your local sample image from your hard drive or paste an image URL you found on the web. pixolution flow analyzes the given image on the fly and returns the most relevant images available. You can also paste an image URL into the searchbar.

Experience the power of pixolution flow in our online demo. Search the collection by keywords, color schemes or images: