Roadmap 2019

Roadmap 2019

The new year is coming and our roadmap is packed with exciting milestones.

pixolution flow 4

The fourth generation of our product pixolution flow will be the technological foundation for all upcoming development. We work on it for over a year now and we will finish it Q1 of 2019 (hopefully ;-). It's not just a release, pixolution flow 4 is implemented from scratch and incorporates all our gained knowledge and lessons learned of the past years to accelerate further developments.

pixolution flow - itself a plug-in for Apache Solr - will become a hub for pixolution plug-ins, we call them modules. These modules extend pixolution flow with new features. Modules extend the API and can be installed by placing them into the Solr folder. Additionally, with pixolution flow 4 the updating process will be easier. We will be able to support more Solr versions and most of the times, updating will mean replacing some files - that's it.

Next-gen AI descriptor

Thanks to extensive efforts in R&D we finish our new general purpose image descriptor. This descriptor is designed to work with any image sets out of the box. Duplicate detection, visual search and image tagging will benefit a lot, since they use this descriptor under the hood.

Elasticsearch integration

Elasticsearch has become a major player in the last years. Therefore, we decided to build an Elasticsearch integration for pixolution flow and the new architecture of pixolution flow 4 allows us to do so. Of course, all features of pixolution flow will be available in the Elasticsearch integration as well. By supporting Solr and Elasticsearch we will cover 96% of open source search engines.

Customized AI models

Specific image sets may require specific image descriptors to ensure high result relevance. We will offer you to train image descriptors specialized on specific image sets. These specific descriptors will be deployed as an extra module to pixolution flow. Of course, customizations depending on your use cases and requirements will be possible.

As you can see we have a lot on our roadmap for 2019 and we look forward to it! But first of all we wish you and your families a happy holiday season. See you in 2019!