pixolution flow for Non-Techies

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Today we explain shortly what our product pixolution flow is all about - pixolution flow for non-techies, so to say. Enjoy our quick facts about what pixolution flow actually is, can do, and is useful for.

What is pixolution flow?

pixolution flow is an image search engine. But instead of searching images in the internet (like Google does) pixolution flow is intended to make the image portfolio searchable that exists within your company.

What can I do with pixolution flow?

pixolution flow processes the pixel data of your images and makes them findable via visual search parameters. With pixolution flow you can

  • search for images using an example image you found on the web,
  • find similar images within your collection or identify duplicates,
  • tag images with keywords,
  • find images with specific visual appearance fitting a specific color scheme.  
The concept of pixolution flow is to complement your existing search system to make the search functions more powerful when it comes to images.

Who benefits from pixolution flow?

Generally any company dealing with a large amount of images could benefit through pixolution flow. Every company using a Digital Asset Management software to manage their visual assets and every company that provides image search functions to its customers.

As a user you will get your work done faster and avoid scrolling through endless search result pages in order to find what you are searching for.

As a company you benefit from higher productivity or a greater customer satisfaction.

How can I install it?

The Non-Techie answer: your IT department installs pixolution flow on your server and integrates its search functionalities into your user interface. Alternatively, we also offer an installation service to do that part for you.

Does pixolution flow provide a graphical user interface?

No, pixolution flow is an application without a graphical user interface (GUI). Your IT department can integrate the pixolution flow functionalities into your own user interface you are used to work with. We are happy to consult you in doing so.

You're feeling like there's more you want to know from a non-techie perspective? Or you're somehow curious to dive deep into technical details? Just get in touch with us.


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