pixolution at Data Leader Days 2019

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Our CVO Prof. Dr. Kai Barthel gave a talk about Advanced Deep Learning for Computer Vision at the Data Leader Days in Berlin.

Since its inception in 2016, the conference has established itself as one of the most exclusive events on big data and artificial intelligence. It brings together decision makers and top executives from the data industry while focussing on data science, artificial intelligence, data engineering and architecture, data visualization, agile development, blockchain and data security.

Yesterday's talk dealt with automated understanding of image content and presented its challenges and solutions. Kai explained methods of deep learning and outlined a great variety of application possibilities for advanced deep learning in Computer Vision. This includes classification tasks like font type recognition, which is important for creative workflows.

Another big topic is automated image tagging and visual image search where instant finetuning and exploration of image collections is made possible by deep learning.

Very valuable for the manufacturing industry is the automated detection of anomalies in industrial production to detect whether products have been manufactured correctly or whether defects are present. These are just a few use cases. The possibilites for deep learning applications are endless.


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