Photo Hack Day: Building a mosaic

A mosaic

Two pixolution developers attended Photo Hack Day 4 and won prizes for their creative mosaic tool. Here is what they did.

Photo Hack Day is a 24-hour coding marathon. Two of our product developers attended to prototype a creative mosaic tool.

The concept of a mosaic is that a great number of small pieces form a big picture. When done right, a big picture consists of thousands of small images. The challenge is to place the right image in the right position so that a meaningful and beautiful mosaic emerges.

The idea was to create a great tool that could be used by everyone via twitter. A dedicated service listened at the twitter stream and recognized the tweeted image. This image was downloaded and partitioned into small regions. For each region an image had to be found that best matches the visual appearance of the region.

The images were picked from EyeEm collection who thankfully provided API access. To be able to tell which of the EyeEm images best matches the specific region of the tweeted image, pixolution technology came into play. Our developers calculated the pixolution image descriptors for over 3 million crawled EyeEm images and the image regions.

For each region a similarity search was triggered using pixolution flow to find the best matching EyeEm image. This way a new mosaic image was constructed consisting of thousands of EyeEm images and forming the motif of the input image.

The jury of the Photo Hack Day was quite impressed, as we are at pixolution. Below is one example mosaic showing the result in different zoom levels to emphasize the mosaic effect.

Great work guys!

Example of mosaic creation


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