New pixolution flow demo online

Screenshot of the new pixolution flow demo

We have finished our major product version 3.0. But before releasing it we want to present you our brand new product demo with an optimized UI and pixolution flow 3.0 under the hood.

Just try the demo yourself.

Comfortable UI and a huge image basis

We made the user interface easier and more intuitive to boost testing experience. In addition we raised the amount of images by 100%, resulting in 40 million images that can be searched.

Greatly improved search quality

The underlying technology of the pixolution flow 3.0 demo is brand new. We developed our new image descriptors using machine learning techniques, describing the content of images better than ever before. This leads to significantly improved visual search results.

Just try a similarity search without keywords or enter an image URL to see the power of pixolution flow 3.0.

Expert mode

We also established an expert mode which allows you to fine-tune your visual search. You may choose between a pure visual, a semantic based, a combined (visual and semantic), or a color based search.

Support for HTTPS image URLs

Just like in the previous demo version it's possible to use an image URL for searching similar images. Now also HTTPS links are accepted.

Try it for yourself


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