How to find the right image for inserting text or logos

Marketers who deal with huge amounts of images often ask us for a filter option to find images suitable for inserting additional content like text or logos. When working on a new marketing campaign creatives search through their databases trying to find images fitting specific layout and content requirements. Today, we want to share with you our approach to tackle this challenge: the text space filter.

What is the text space filter?

When text is placed on a background with objects or structures, legibility suffers greatly. The text space filter analyzes the image content and detects blank areas. To do so, the image is divided into 3x3 tiles. Each of these tiles is analyzed whether it is suitable for adding further content or not. We consider a region suitable if the image content in this tile has few structures and is free of objects.

How to use the text space filter

In our trial platform we've implemented the text space filter. You can use the filter in automatic or manual mode.

Let's say you want to see all images in your database suitable for adding text, then you just have to activate the text space filter. Now only images having blank areas anywhere are displayed.

Find images suitable for adding text or logos

By default the detected blank areas in result images are highlighted with white dots to help you identify proper images. The overlay also works when text space filter is not active.

If you need blank areas in certain regions of an image, you can control this by using the manual mode. Define where the result images should have blank regions by choosing from nine tiles representing an entire image. Let's say you want to find images with blank regions in the upper left and left area then you can select these tiles.

Text space filter in manual mode

Combine with further search criteria

Of course you can combine the text space filter with any other search criteria, like keywords, colours or a sample image.

Find blue images having blank areas

As you might have noticed already, we think the text space filter really is a great tool for marketers and creatives. Please try it yourself and let us know what you think.

If you want to use the text space filter in your daily work or integrate it into your platform: it is part of our AI based search engine pixolution flow.


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