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A few weeks ago we released our latest Visual Search technology. It contains everything we've learned over the past years and brings a massive improvement to the visual search experience. Now, we have integrated our high performance image search engine in our online demo, so everyone can use it.

Powered by our latest general purpose image search AI, you can upload and search your own image collection or use the prefilled demo collection.

The Hardest Challenge - Real World Imagery

Our prefilled demo contains Creative Commons photos from the Flickr community. It is a really tough task for an image search engine to handle these images and return great results, since Flickr images cover almost every scene and topic you can imagine.

In our previous demo we used stock photos as they are unambiguous and obvious. They deal with a specific topic or contain a main object. These images are quite clear in their message and this makes it relatively easy to grasp the subject and find similar images.

Flickr images are the complete opposite. Just about every motif you can imagine is available. The picture language is not clear. Often there is not even a main motive and it is even difficult for a human to judge what a relevant search result would look like given a particular image.

Which images would you expect when searching for similar? (photo by

In addition, there is a wide range of styles and quality, as really anyone can upload anything. In short: Flickr images are the wildest mix there is. And only now - after ten years of research - we dare to use this image collection in our open online demo.

And because Flickr images are often poorly tagged, we do this without metadata support. We only have the pixels as data basis for visual search. This is less than Google has by default. So this demo is the most honest state of the art demonstrator available. No curation, no metadata boost.

Unique Way to Search Flickr

As far as we know our demo is the only way to visually search Flickr images and get similar images with just one click. We encourage you to explore and support the great work of the Flickr community.

In search results we link to the original High-Res photos on Flickr as well as to the photographers, so you can easily browse the Flickr image library for Creative Commons photos on our demo platform and use great images for your own projects.


Now it's your turn. Try our visual search demo on Enjoy testing and if you are curious how to integrate pixolution Visual Search into you website or app, let's have a chat.

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