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Today is the day: we release the Free Plan of our visual search engine pixolution Flow. Now you can integrate visual image search into your website or app for free! Keep reading and learn what the Free Plan is all about.

What does the Free Plan include?

With the Free Plan you can use all search features from our Professional Plan: visual image search, duplicate detection, color search, advanced text search capabilities, and multi-modal search.

The Free Plan is perfect for implementing proof of concepts and to kick-start your project ideas. You can even use it in your commercial applications.

  • Free forever
  • No registration required
  • On-premise deployment

What are the limitations of the Free Plan?

With the Free Plan, you can index up to 5,000 images. This is sufficient for proof of concepts and to kick-start most projects.

Only if you want to index more than 5,000 images; create many collections for multi-tenant architectures; distribute and replicate your collections across multiple servers to handle massive parallel user requests and huge collection sizes; or need our professional support: it's time to go pro by upgrading to our Professional Plan.

How to get started?

The free version of pixolution Flow is shipped as Docker image. To help you getting started we provide a Github repository with example scripts. Clone the repository and dive into the examples. Learn how to interact with pixolution Flow and use the scripts as basis for your own developments.

Setting up a local image search server with pixolution Flow as backend

Local image search engine

Setup a local image search engine with web UI in under 5 minutes. Index your local images (or web images) and create a local image search engine to find the most similar images to a query image.

HTTP API examples

Learn how to use the pixolution Flow API with working barebone API requests. Copy & paste snippets into your own code as you like.

Now it's your turn. Download your free version of pixolution Flow and start your own project. And don't forget to tell us about your experiences ;-)! We're always excited to see how pixolution Flow is applied to new use cases.

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