Something great is coming: Flow 5

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We've been working behind the scenes for quite a while on our next major release. Now, Flow 5 is within reach but we are still very busy developing.

New AI models and awesome new search features require more update efforts than drop-in replacements because they introduce breaking changes. That's why we want to pack as many breaking changes as possible into this major release, so that subsequent releases are mainly drop-in replacements.

Let's take a look at the highlights of the upcoming pixolution Flow 5.

Brand new AI module for visualĀ search

We are currently working on a next-generation AI model for general purpose visual search. Look forward to immensly improved visual search quality!

Specialized AI module for duplicate detection

For many of you, duplicate detection is an important task. That's why we decided to put a lot of brain and finger work into developing a dedicated AI model. We want to improve the detection quality as well as the analysis performance to calculate image fingerprints. The essence will be in pixolution Flow 5: an excellent new duplicate detection module.

Approximate search

Exact searches are accurate but slow. Therefore, we will introduce an approximate search that performs a visual search in a three-step process: approximate filtering, approximate scoring and a final exact scoring step on the remaining most promising result candidates.

This technique increases the search speed substantially, while keeping the loss of retrieval quality to a minimum.

pixolution Flow 5 will be available soon. By the end of this year we want to finish it. So stay tuned!

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