Why We Love Visual Search in NetX 9

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Today, we would like to compliment and congratulate our Digital Asset Management partner NetX on having launched their new platform release: NetX 9. It has a fantastic and straightforward UI and ships with a renewed Visual Search integration. Let's take a brief look at the Visual Search module and which benefits it brings to those who need to manage large collections of visual content.

Visual Search Module

Color search results in new user interface

NetX is a leader in the Digital Asset Management market and is delivering DAM solutions to organizations of all sizes across a wide range of industries. After having tested the capabilities of our visual search technology against customer needs in an early prototype, NetX now releases the Visual Search module with a deep integration in NetX 9 platform. This module is designed for users with specific workflow needs for visual content like images or videos. Thanks to the module users are enabled to use an image or video to find similar images and videos and they can filter assets by color.

Similarity search

By using an image or video as search input users quickly discover similar existing assets in the DAM.

Context menu to trigger visual search
Users can trigger a find assets like this search right from the options menu of an asset. As a result all assets that are similar and relevant are retrieved from the collection. This minimizes tedious searching effort for the perfect image or video.

Color search

A color search can be launched by entering specific hex color values or choosing one or multiple colors from a color wheel.

Color search bar
This way it's very easy to find assets that suit specific color requirements right from the globar search bar. And it really is an excellent way to browse the entire collection of images in the DAM. Of course, color search can be combined with any other filter option in NetX to narrow the results.

More to come

NetX users can look forward to upcoming features supporting visual asset retrieval and management. Stay tuned, there is more to come in the future! We're excited and of course we'll keep you updated.


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