NetX offers visual search

Screenshot of the netx visual search

NetXposure, expert solution provider in Digital Asset Management, now offers its clients a "Visual Search" module with pixolution technology inside.

We are proud to announce that NetX is partnering with us to equip its DAM with visual search capabilities. NetX is one of the big players in DAM landscape and serves many of the world's largest brands. The company is based in Portland and has great experience with DAM products since 2001. Since NetX version 8.5 users can use a "Visual Search" module for enhanced workflow capabilities. Under the hood our product pixolution flow powers the image search.

The "Visual Search" module enables NetX DAM users to search their images by color as well as to find similar images. When doing a color search users can find assets that suit specific color requirements right from the globar search bar, across the entire platform.

Finding similar assets to a sample asset is also very easy. Users can select a sample image or video to launch a "Find assets like this" search. With these search options at hand users are able to find desired content faster with just a few clicks.

"pixolution flow just seamlessly integrated into NetX and it's widely enhancing our workflow capabilities with regard to visual assets. pixolution flow is the right choice for us to satisfy our clients needs."

Jason Wehling


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