How to meet creative workflow challenges

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In a survey recently carried out by DAM giant Canto the content marketers' challenges when creating creative content were revealed. We know how to meet the biggest challenge of all.

Adobe InDesign users were asked what challenges they face when creating creative content. Surprisingly, 76 percent of the users asked named searching and finding assets challenging. We think this really must not be a challenge any more.

In fact, we already provide the solution for this problem with our visual search technology. With pixolution flow it's possible to find the right visual content in seconds, even in unstructured catalogues with rare or poor metadata. It's easy to find similar assets for fast prototyping and trying out different alternatives. Another use case is that pixolution flow enables to find similar assets fitting the visual style of already used assets.

As stated before in a previous blog post the key when searching for creative content has to be using the visual information stored within the content's image pixels. And that's exactly the technological basis of pixolution flow: it uses the visual information included in an asset to perform a visual search and deliver results. Doing cumbersome search with improper keywords as search input has to be a thing of the past.

Feel free to have a look at the results of the survey here. And get in touch with us - we are happy to tell you more about meeting your challenges successfully.


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