We Make Your Data Searchable

Getting Started

High performance visual search engine for your app or website.


Analyze Images

Index your data and create a visual search index. Our AI model analyzes the referenced images.


Integrate API

Integrate data workflows and search features into your UI using our API.


Search Visually

Our search engine is highly scalable and can handle huge image collections. Different optimization techniques ensure visual searches are blazing fast.

pixolution just seamlessly integrated into NetX and it's widely enhancing our workflow capabilities with regard to visual assets. pixolution is the right choice for us to satisfy our clients needs.

Jason Wehling
President of NetX

Data Privacy

pixolution is licensed on-premise. It runs on your own server network behind your firewall. You gain full control over your search system: Choose your own hardware for optimal performance, comply with data privacy requirements and backup policies and meet internal security requirements.

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