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Make your images visible with pixolution flow.

Use Cases

What your customers want: Valuable features to find images faster.

Find similar images

Your users can easily find similar images to a sample image. pixolution flow enables them to narrow their search and to boost their productivity in finding specific images in your collection quickly. Users explore your collection visually and also get inspirations for their image search.

pixolution flow automatically includes existing keywords and is fully combinable with other search criteria such as category filters or user-specific keywords. There are several search parameters to adjust the search and to optimize it for your collection. See our online demo.

Image tagging assistant

When adding new images to your collection pixolution flow suggests keywords for image tagging. Our keyword suggester is designed as a semi-automatic tagging assistant. Therefore the suggested tags can be refined easily to retrieve even better results.

The keyword suggestions are based on the existing keywords in your index. This ensures a consistent vocabulary throughout your collection. However, the keyword suggester also considers user-defined keywords.

Find web images in your collection

Users may upload or use an image URL in order to find the identical image in your collection to license it. The uploaded web image is analyzed immediately by pixolution flow.

If the uploaded image is not part of your collection pixolution flow will return similar images as alternative suggestions.

Search images by color

Enable your users to find images that suit specific color requirements, for example images perfectly fitting to a color scheme of a website or brochure. The users can define one or several colors and can weight specific colors to increase their impact on the ranking.

Find images with space for text or logos

Your users need space for text or logos in the images they are searching for? With our text space filter users are able to define blank areas. This is perfect to find images for further creative editing like book covers, brochures, posters and many more.

The perfect link to your system

pixolution flow integrates nicely into existing systems.


With pixolution flow you're prepared to grow. 

If your image collection gets too big for one server, split your image collection over several servers and perform visual similarity searches in a distributed environment. pixolution flow is compatible to SolrCloud mode and replication.

Memory efficient

pixolution flow is very memory efficient. This is one reason why we are so fast. We represent the visual information of an image very efficiently with only 140 bytes per image. In comparison the average size of a thumbnail image is about 10,000 bytes.


Our image search is lightning fast due to small image descriptors, smart filtering and distributed search capabilities. We think that it is most impressive if you experience it yourself using our product demo.

Full Control

pixolution flow is licensed On-Premise. It runs on your own server network behind your firewall. 

You gain full control over your search system: choose your own hardware for optimal performance, adhere to data privacy, backup policies and meet internal security requirements.

Seamless integration

pixolution flow is available as a standalone search server or as plugin for your Solr instance. Choose your integration szenario below to learn more.

Universal Connector

pixolution flow is available as a standalone search server that can be connected to any existing search system like MySQL or ElasticSearch. pixolution flow provides the Universal Connector interface enabling you to hand over large result sets of your existing search system to pixolution flow.

Already implemented business logic and search criteria remain the same. All searches will be handled by your system first. pixolution flow will process that prefiltered set of images.

This way your system handles all search criteria it currently does, hands over the result set to pixolution flow which in turn processes all visual search criteria and returns the final result set.

Connecting pixolution flow to your existing system is straight forward. See below.


Place your licensed pixolution flow in a folder and configure it via standard Solr XML configuration files in a few simple steps.


Add your existing images and ids to pixolution flow. The ids identify the same images in your system and pixolution flow. Calculated image descriptors will be stored instead of the images itself. 


Hand over search results from your search system to pixolution flow using the Universal Connector. pixolution flow performs the search on the given image id set and returns a result that fits both: the search criteria processed by your search system and the visual search criteria processed by pixolution flow.


After syncing the images and connecting pixolution flow with your system you are ready to start searching images visually. To make the new functions accessible to your users just integrate those in your frontend (see our demo frontend as inspiration).

Plugin for Solr

pixolution flow is available as a plugin for the leading Open Source enterprise search server Apache Solr. Keep your existing Solr system and extend it with the powerful functions of pixolution flow.

The plugin is designed to be compatible to all Solr built-in features. Therefore you can combine text and visual similarity search in one query.

Installing pixolution flow is as easy as it can be. See below.


Place your licensed pixolution flow in a folder and configure it via standard Solr XML configuration files in a few simple steps.


Add images to the collection. pixolution flow automatically loads the referenced images, calculates and stores an image descriptor for each image, describing the visual information. The image descriptor represents the image in a compressed manner designed for our fast image search algorithms.


After indexing images you are ready to start searching images visually. To make the new functions accessible to your users just integrate those into your frontend (see our demo frontend as inspiration).

Upcoming features inclusive

pixolution flow ships with all features enabled. Additionally, all upcoming features will be delivered to you via updates without additional costs! Profit from future developments.


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What clients say about us

Simple Licensing Plans

All plans include all current and upcoming features, unlimited searches, bugfix und performance updates, privacy & control and passionate support.


up to 100 000 images
1 shard


up to 1 000 000 images
1 shard


up to 5 000 000 images
up to 2 shards


more than 5 000 000
> 2 shards


What's the price for a license?

The license consists of a one time activation fee and a monthly usage fee that is charged as long you are using pixolution in your production system. Please contact us and let us know which is your desired plan. We love to give you a price indication for your plan.

Why do you limit the number of images in your plans?

Our pricing is based on the size of your image collection. Instead of restricting features like most platforms, we include all of our features in every plan. In this way, businesses of all sizes will be able to use all our features .

Can we switch to another plan?

You can. If you exceed the maximum image amount or want to use more shards you can switch to another plan while using pixolution flow. The monthly usage fee will be recalculated and charged accordingly when you start to use the new plan.

Can pixolution flow be installed on our server?

Yes - this is our standard procedure: all your data will remain on your server. pixolution flow is provided on-premise as a standalone search server or as a plugin for your Solr instance. See our integration section for more info.

Do you support future Solr versions?

Yes - we will provide plugin versions for your future Solr versions. You will find an upgrade process documentation in our Installation Specification.

Can we perform the setup ourselves?

We will provide complete documentation and we will assist your engineers to perform the setup on your own. All the know-how shall remain in your company. If you want us to, we will consider the setup of the backend for you in our offer.

You have free choice how you want to integrate pixolution features into your frontend. On your request we would be pleased to consult you with your frontend conception.

Do you develop new features?

Yes, we are constantly researching to improve the way we search for images and we develop new features to do so. As a pixolution customer you can use every new feature immediately within your current plan. 

Is there API communication with pixolution servers?

There is no communication with pixolution servers or any third party servers while using pixolution technologies.

Can I get a demo?

Yes. You can try pixolution flow with your images. Read more in our demo section.

How can I contact you?

Please call +49(0) 30 / 60 98 49 60 weekdays from 10 am to 5 pm CET or send an email to service at

I'm an individual. Can I license pixolution flow?

Unfortunately, no. We only license our products to businesses and organizations. 

Try pixolution flow for free

Not sure, how pixolution flow performs with your images? Order a free demo.

Order your individual web based demo of pixolution flow. You may access the demo via its dedicated frontend identical to our online demo or implement your own via the provided API.

The provided frontend will include the visual similarity search, auto-context, query by URL, and similarity weighting features. All additional functionalities may be tested using the provided programming interface (API) included with the demo.

Provide us up to 1 000 000 images and their keywords - we will set up your demo and index the data.


  • Test with up to 1,000,000 images
  • all pixolution flow features
  • via browser or API
  • for 1 month
  • without installation on your side.

Contact us for your individual demo offer and get further information.