Grouping image search results according to their visual and conceptual similarities.

Cluster your images to gain overview

Clustering helps to get an overview of different concepts associated with a query. Even with very vague keywords particular images can be found very quickly by focusing on similar clusters or images.


The use of the palm image search engine is very simple:

  1. Type one or more keywords and press enter or click “Search”.
  2. The search result will be clustered into 10 groups displayed at the top.
  3. Click a cluster or browse the images shown below.
  4. Clicking an image allows to search for similar images or to build new clusters.

Behind the scenes

palm is a student project from HTW Berlin (University of Applied Science). palm was developed by Frederic Cabassut, Janina Trost, Jonas Hartweg, Judith Junge, Ruzbeh Resaei and Stephanie Grieger under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Kai Uwe Barthel. palm uses visual search technologies developed by pixolution.