Extend your DAM system

pixolution flow boosts creative workflow, media search and asset cataloguing efficiency.

Improve working with visual assets

Enhance your functional range for a more efficient workflow.

Improve image cataloguing efficiency

pixolution flow boosts the cataloguing workflow for new images and videos. When adding new images or videos to a catalogue pixolution's semi-automatic tagging assistant suggests keywords for tagging. Suggested tags can be refined easily.

Keyword suggestions are based on existing keywords in the catalogue. This ensures a controlled metadata vocabulary throughout the catalogue. The tagging assistant also considers user-defined keywords. 

Find similar images

Enable users to find series of similar images and videos, even in unstructured collections. 

Users easily can find similar images to a sample image. pixolution flow boosts their productivity and finds specific images within their catalogue quickly. pixolution flow automatically includes existing metadata into the search and is fully combinable with other search criteria such as category filters or user-specific keywords. 

Avoid duplicate images

Before ingesting new images to the catalogue pixolution flow can check whether that image is already present.

By that worthless licensing costs for redundant images are avoided and the catalogue remains free of duplicates. 

Since pixolution flow analyzes the pixel data the new image may have a different size, different file name, different file format or encoding quality. This process does not rely on existing metadata.

Track where specific images are used

Users can find out in which assets (documents or presentations) an image is already used. This helps to ensure using images within the licensing scope and can support the usage approval workflow.

Find images suitable for adding text or logos

With our text space filter users are able to define blank areas to locate images with free space for logos or text. This facilitates further editing used in marketing projects like websites, book covers, brochures, posters and many more. 

Search images by color

Enable users to find images that suit specific color requirements. For example images perfectly fitting to a color scheme of a website or brochure. Users can define one or several colors and can weight specific colors to increase their impact on the ranking.

The perfect Link to your system

pixolution flow integrates nicely into your existing system.


pixolution flow provides an HTTP REST-like API making it interoperable and easy to work with. Several input and output formats are supported such as XML, JSON, CSV or binary. Many client API implementations are available for different programming languages like Java, PHP, Python, .NET and C#. 

Memory efficient

pixolution flow is very memory efficient. This is one reason why it is so fast. The visual information is stored very efficiently with only 140 bytes per image. In comparison the average size of a thumbnail image is about 10,000 bytes.


pixolution's image search is lightning fast due to small image descriptors, smart filtering and distributed search capabilities. Searching in millions of assets takes less than a second.

Full Control

pixolution flow is licensed On-Premise. It runs on your own server network behind your firewall. 

You gain full control over your search system: choose your own hardware for optimal performance, adhere to data privacy, backup policies and meet internal security requirements.

Seamless integration

pixolution flow is available as a standalone search server or as plugin for your Solr instance.

Choose your integration szenario below to learn more.

Plugin for Solr

pixolution flow is available as a plugin for the leading Open Source enterprise search server Apache Solr. Keep your existing Solr system and extend it with the powerful functions of pixolution flow.

The plugin is designed to be compatible to all Solr built-in features. Therefore you can combine text and visual similarity search in one query.

Installing pixolution flow is as easy as it can be. See below.


Place your licensed pixolution flow in a folder and configure it via standard Solr XML configuration files in a few simple steps.


Add images to the collection. pixolution flow automatically loads the referenced images, calculates and stores an image descriptor for each image, describing the visual information. The image descriptor represents the image in a compressed manner designed for our fast image search algorithms.


After indexing images you are ready to start searching images visually. To make the new functions accessible to your users just integrate those into your frontend (see our demo frontend as inspiration).

Universal Connector

pixolution flow is available as a standalone search server based on the open source search server Apache Solrpixolution flow can be connected to any existing search system like MySQL or ElasticSearch. It provides the pixolution Universal Connector interface enabling you to hand over large result sets of your existing search system to pixolution flow

Already implemented business logic and search criteria remain the same. All searches will be handled by your system first. pixolution flow will process that prefiltered set of images.

This way your system handles all search criteria it currently does, hands over the result set to pixolution flow which in turn processes all visual search criteria and returns the final result set.

Connecting pixolution flow to your existing system is straight forward. See below.


Place your licensed pixolution flow in a folder and configure it via standard Solr XML configuration files in a few simple steps.


Add your existing images and ids to pixolution flow. The ids identify the same images in your system and pixolution flow. Calculated pixolution image descriptors will be stored instead of the images itself. 


Hand over search results from your search system to pixolution flow using the Universal Connector. pixolution flow performs the search on the given image id set and returns a result that fits both: the search criteria processed by your search system and the visual search criteria processed by pixolution flow.


After syncing the images and connecting pixolution flow with your system you are ready to start searching images visually. To make the new functions accessible to your users just integrate those in your frontend (see our demo frontend as inspiration).

Upcoming features inclusive

pixolution flow ships with all features enabled. Additionally, all upcoming features will be delivered to you via updates without additional costs! Benefit from future developments.

Reliable partnership

We want a long term relationship to secure your investment.

Integrating third-party software into your system is only worth the effort with adequate support and expertise. That's why we offer:

Consulting services Full integration- and rollout-support
Employee training

Want to try before licensing? Contact us!

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What clients say about us

Flexible Licensing Models

Fuse pixolution flow with your DAM. Provide next generation media workflow.


Offer your clients pixolution flow functions as an optional Add-On. Your clients may decide whether and for what term to use the beneficial Add-on functions.


Provide new standard functions with your DAM and roll out pixolution flow functions to all your clients.

Our licensing is flexible and will easily fit your existing licensing model, so that your customer will have a consistent experience.

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What's the price for a license?

The price of the license depends on the licensing model you desire. You can choose between pixolution flow as an optional add-on for your DAM clients or pixolution flow as a fixed component of your DAM system that will be rolled out to all your clients. Please contact us. We love to give you a price indication.

What types of assets can be handled by pixolution flow?

pixolution flow is primarily able to process images (Java lib supported types such as .jpg, .png or .bmp).

With adequate adjustments, the range can be widely extended: the features work well with videos, for example, supposing keyframes are available.

Contact us if you have an idea and want to know if pixolution flow can be used for your use-case.

Can images be found that are used in documents?

This is generally possible, since you may extract images that are part of a document. pixolution flow can then index the images with a reference to the document it belongs to. Image searches can then be associated with the original context.

Can I get a trial?

Yes, you can order a trial to evaluate pixolution flow. Contact us.

Is there API communication with pixolution servers?

There is no communication with pixolution servers or any third party servers while using pixolution technologies.

Is pixolution flow able to find assets although metadata does not exist?

Yes. pixolution flow analyzes the pixel of images and searches them visually. However, if metadata does exist it can be combined to narrow the search even more.

Do I have to change our user interface?

New functions like a similarity search or metadata suggestions require changes to the user interface to enable your users to trigger those functions. If you like, we are happy to assist you to guarantuee the best possible frontend integration.

Can pixolution flow be installed on our server?

Yes. All your data and the data of your users will remain on your server. pixolution flow is provided on-premise as a standalone search server or as a plugin for your Solr instance.

How can I contact you?

Please call +49(0) 30 / 60 98 49 60 weekdays from 10 am to 5 pm CET or send an email to service at pixolution.de.