Image search is our passion

That's why we started pixolution.

Our mission

As both photography enthusiasts and computer scientists, we often experienced the limitations of contemporary established image database systems ourselves. With usual approaches, it is often hard to keep overview over the own collection, not to mention finding particular images in huge online databases.    

Although new algorithms and increasing computing power allow advanced approaches to manage huge image data bases, keyword based search still is most often the only available option. We intend to change that - and establish a more natural human-machine interaction.

We work hard to overcome the limitations that current image search systems have. Searching for images will become as natural as searching for text.

How we came here

Founded in 2009, we have been working in close cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences, Berlin Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft (HTW Berlin).

Initially focused to technology solely, we quickly discovered the need for a product that is both effective and simple to use. To achieve best integrability and performance, an intensive exchange of experiences and practices with our clients has been of great help. 

We discover new features by building experiments. Some of them are published and presented to our clients. Since we think, our clients know which features will bring them the biggest benefit, it is up to their feedback whether an expirement will be integrated into our product.

Our current product pixolution flow is the result of this process, combining all the information gained during the past years, and fusing them into one piece of software. Existing features are continuously being improved, while new requirements and proposals are discussed with our clients and integrated into our software.

We are the leaders for visual search technologies in the stock image market and we operate globally.

pixolution GmbH is part of the Büro 2.0 open source office community.

Management Team

David Backstein


Directs the business, manages projects and cares for our clients.

Prof. Dr. Kai Barthel


Discovers next generation algorithms for visual image search.

Sebastian Lutter


Keeps our technologies ahead and finds the best infrastructural solutions.